For the doubters of global warming or at least of man made climatological interference, one needs look no further than the two peculiar events that occurred this week, thousands of miles apart.

In the US, an unprecedented 75 almost simultaneous tornadoes hit 12 states, in what is the latest such seasonal event to date.  For the states of Illinois and Indiana, there has never been a case of tornadoes in November. 

The reason why, is the unseasonable warmth.  Right after the storms hit Chicago, the temperature bumped right back into the 60s, a very unusual situation for a city like Chicago known for its severe winter weather. 

But even more peculiar, and frightening was the incredible event that hit the island of Sardinia this week. 

Sardinia, for those who are not familiar with the place, is a very arid island, known for its harsh plains, and beautiful beaches.  

It is in fact, the place where the spaghetti westerns were filmed, the ones with Clint Eastwood as major protagonist.  They were chosen principally because the director was Italian, Sergio Leone, but also because its harsh landscape and arid terrain very much resembles the desert areas of the American southwest.

So it was with incredible apprehension that the Sardinians received the deluge that crashed onto the main city of Olbia and surrounding areas.  A gigantic weather system dumped a foot of water in a matter of two hours,  and all but paralyzed the cities.  

In some areas, more than 6 feet of water quickly accumulated.  Things were made worse in some places by the fact that Sardinian authorities had built reservoir like dams to retain the little water the rains bring through the year walling rivers in, which quickly flowed over their banks.  But that is a clear indication of how little prepared, and unused to, were the denizens of the island to such a force of nature. 

In the city of Gallipoli, the scene was unprecedented and reminiscent of the US tornado aftermath as can be seen in the picture below.


And of course only a couple of weeks ago, typhoon Aiyan reminded everybody of what might be in store if carbon emissions are not curbed. 

In Sardinia however, 18 people died.  The cyclone that hits Sardinia had a noticeable rotation, something that is very unusual in November, and it flooded streets, homes, and broke down bridges.  

Source : France 24/ 11.19.13

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