A new vaccine, engineered to prevent rotavirus infections, those pesky infection most common in cruises and other places where many people gather, has been found to be effective in reducing seizures.  

A study of complex data collection of children that have undergone vaccination programs, called the Vaccine Safety Datalink, showed that of these children in the database, 74 % were vaccinated against the rotavirus.  

The team then noticed that of the ones vaccinated against rotavirus,  those had a 20% less risk of hospitalization form a seizure in the year after the vaccination. 

In fact, the rotavirus is known to cause seizures in children who contract the infection.  The researchers noticed that the incidence of seizures from  a rotavirus infection is 7% of the infected children population. 

This could save almost 1,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 emergency room visits a year. 

In most cases, vaccines are observed for side effects, rather than positive outcomes like this, so researchers were very glad to discover that the vaccine has this plus offered to those who are inoculated. 

Source:  MNT / 11.23.13


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