Who is Pakistan truly pleasing when it charges the doctor who helped the US find Bin Laden with murder?

Before these questions are answered however, a closer examination of the charges reveals that he is not being charged with murder in the case that led to the death of Bin Laden, but because Shakeel Afridi, the doctor in question, was accused of killing another man, Sulaiman Afridi, by the mother's deceased in the Khyber district where the doctor worked.  

The accusation come from a supposedly botched operation on Sulaiman.  The mother of Sulaiman, who is pressing charges against the doctor, said that her son was operated three times for appendicitis, but that Sulaiman died soon after the last operation.  

In addition, the woman has said that the doctor operated without knowledge or a license, since he is not a surgeon.  Therefore, additional charges of fraud have been brought against him. 

It is however, telling how these charges could be a way to ensure that the doctor pays in some form or another, for what is perceived as his betrayal of Bin Laden's whereabouts.  Not many doctors are brought to justice for mistakes they make in the field, even when they result in death, and surely not in areas like the Khyber provinces.

Source : France 24/ 11.23.13


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