Something unexpected, almost revolutionary has happened in Spain. The small country has pinned itself against a veritable Goliath, China, in issuing an arrest warrant against Jiang Zemin, the former premier, on the charge of genocide in Tibet. 

China, in response, has issued a request for 'clarification' on the international arrest warrant.  

Although China has for decades pretended to be in a friendly 'takeover' of Tibet prompted by ancient land claims, the fact remains that the invasion of Tibet was done violently, and many monks and civilians died resisting the taking of their homeland.  


Tibetan right groups have sought recourse under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction which provides for recourse in cases of human rights violations in a separate country.  

The genocide, and the connected crimes that define the invasion of Tibet, were done during a period that spans two decades.

China has already signified its deep displeasure and opposition to any such proceeding in Spain, even after asking for further information.   They blame Tibetan extremists for a campaign of defamation against China.  

China will resist with all its military might to any claim or effort towards independence in Tibet.  In addition to needing land, China needs Tibet as its doorstep to Asia and Asia Minor, and particularly, India.  Through its invasion of Tibet, China has erased its geographical handicap towards the regions to the west.  

The efforts to liberate Tibet from Chinese occupation is a decades long plight.  But it might not be bettered by actions such as these.  Although it might bring more awareness of the crimes, the bloody occupation of Tibet in 1951 and the near obliteration of the local culture and customs since the occupation, are irreversible in China's eyes.  


Partial Source : France 24/ 11.20.13


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