Grape seeds have been known to possess antioxidant properties for a little while, but the latest research actually found that it could have potent effects against specific prostate cancer cells.

Although the research is only from a single entity, the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the analysis conducted during the research and its result point to GSE as being a potential compound for prostate cancer treatment. 

The research however, has not isolated which specific compound in the grape seeds is responsible for the effect observed on the specific cancer cells.  That might necessitate further exploration to isolate the effective compound.  


However, the suspicion falls on a class of polyphenols contained in grape seeds.  

Of the compounds in the grape seeds, one in particular stood out, and could in the future reveals itself to be the exact chemical that acts as a cancer treatment. 

So far, isolating that particular compound, which has been named B2G2, is not cost effective and very time consuming.  The artificial synthesis from grape seend extract of that same compound however is more efficient.  

What the compound seemed to do, in laboratory testing, is to provoke the death of cancer cells, a process known as apoptosis.  Even more interestingly, the compound did not affect or harm healthy cells. 

In the past too, the grape seed extract, and its polyphenols were suspected of having an effect on other types of cancer too. 

The compound is believed to be contained also in grape skin and red wine, although in different quantities.  

Furthemore grape seed extract is believed to be effective also in the treatment of colorectal cancer. 

Source : MNT  12.8.13

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