A new research on the effects of acupuncture has revealed that certain areas of the ear, when stimulated by acupuncture, can actually cause or help in weight loss or weight management. 

The ear has long been known to have correlations with other parts of the body when stimulated through acupuncture.  One of the earlier effects noted was the relief of backache.  In fact, the ear has been mapped to show the correlation with each organ or part of the human body. 

A randomized trial, in which people were given acupuncture stimulation on a precise spot or spots in the ear, while others had the equivalent of a placebo treatment, showed that the people in the trial who followed through with the entire treatment noticed a reduction in BMI of as much as 6.1%.  The group was divided into three subsections: the first subjected to the Korean five point method, the second with a one needle treatment on a specific ear point, and the third with a bogus treatment, the control group.

In the second subset, a BMI reduction of 5% was noticed, indicating that both acupuncture treatments yielded positive results.

Source : MNT/ 12.18.13


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