That China has a pollution problem, no one can deny. But things are getting out of control.  

For the past couple of years, smog has caused disruption at every level of societal activity, from personal, to education, to business.

One of the biggest problem is that of transportation.  When Chinese metropolises experience bad smog day, air traffic comes to a halt.

Not knowing yet how to effectively curb their pollution, the Chinese government has implemented a plan to teach pilots to land "blind" on a runway that is choked by smog. 

The advent of winter, and its coldest days translate in even worse smog, since the cold air traps the pervasive particulate cloud to the ground.  

A new qualification will now be required of pilots who must land at China's 10 most congested airports.  When visibility falls below 400 meters, or approx. 1280 feet, a pilot must be able to land blind sighted. 

To do this, the pilots will use precision auto-landing instruments, which are standard in newer Airbus and Boeing models.  To do this, every passenger on board must power down electronics of any type. 

This kind of flying is not new.  In fact, it is almost routine in certain parts of Alaska, where the fog and icy rain make landing perilous.   

The technology allows the plane to land, but once it touches down, pilots must take over for proper steering and breaking of the vessel.

source : Bloomberg/ 12.16.13


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