In a move that leaves little doubt as to the military's reprisal of old roles in Egypt, General Al-Sisi, who lead the coup that ousted president Morsi last year, has now declared he will run for president in the upcoming elections. 

He did however, specify that he would do so only if he had the consent of the military and support from citizens for his candidacy.  

This coming week will see a referendum on a new Constitution.  This important step will set the tone for the upcoming election and seeks to return Egypt to the pre-Morsi days, when the newly minted constitution had not yet been changed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.

Once the referendum is over, the elections will be planned.  There has been a strong campaign urging Egyptians to vote to legitimize the referendum, so that the elections can be carried out smoothly.  A challenge from the Brotherhood however, is strongly expected. 

At this point, the general consensus is that if Al-Sisi ran, he would win in a landslide.  What Egyptians crave most now is stability, and although revolutionary forces from all sides still hope in a democracy or in the case of the Brotherhood, a shari'a state, the violence that has engulfed Egypt for the past three years is making many wish for a return to a past where there was a measure of control.  

Al-Sisi for his part has already been welcomed by a large segment of the population, with people praising him in song and effigy.

Source: France 24/ 1.12.14

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