The Thailand government has declared martial law for 60 days to contain the increasingly violent protests in Bangkok. 

At heart is the Yellow Shirts' willingness to oust current Prime Minister Shinawatra. 

Such a measure, which many feared could have been imminent, although the military's allegiance at this point is somewhat unclear, has the effect of sending a message that demonstrators will no longer be able to freely roam the streets.  

The State of Emergency is declared for 60 days, but there is no telling what the military will do following the imposition of the drastic measures, as the military's role in the past has been quite significant and lengthy.

The protests had reached a dangerous level, and demonstrators had blocked the Prime Minister's own offices in the Government House 

The scheduled elections on February 2, could be in jeopardy, since the opposition is calling for a boycott of the election process and the state of emergency could de facto block the election process.  

Many in Thailand see the current Prime MInister as a puppet of his brother, the Prime MInister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is now in exile in Dubai, who was ousted by the military following trumped up charged of corruption.  

Most of the protests began anew when the government suggested that the exiled politician be granted full amnesty and return to Thailand.  

Source : France 24/ 1.21.14


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